Love for Amber - From Generation to Generation / Lithuanian Magazine

Love for Amber - From Generation to Generation / Lithuanian Magazine

Who is amber associated with? With massive necklaces that mom or grandma adorned on special occasions? With souvenir pictures that loved ones brought back from the seaside with gifts? Today, thanks to talented jewelers, amber is experiencing a renaissance. More and more modern people are beginning to appreciate its uniqueness and beauty.

The love for amber travels from generation to generation in Rugilė's family. As a child, she enjoyed watching various pieces of amber in her father's hands change shapes, turn into beautiful jewelry, and after many years she immersed herself in creation. Combining the skills of masters, a modern approach and a feminine sense of beauty, Amby was born - exclusive jewelry made of Baltic amber that can enchant even the most discerning woman.

Amber accompanied him from an early age

"I have been surrounded by amber since childhood," Rugilė begins the story from old but vivid memories. - Back in 1995, Dad took an interest in him and worked with him. He made all kinds of jewelry with his golden hands, sent processed amber to other jewelry masters, and told me about its good qualities. Although I was still very young, inspired by my father's enthusiasm, I often teased him to help: I chose colors, shapes. He encouraged experimentation, playing. ”

Longing returned to Lithuania

Over the years, Rugilė's attention has shifted from amber to other hobbies and sciences. And later, after studying, there was an opportunity to try your luck abroad. So nine years ago, she went to London with her then-future husband, Marius. Three years later, Black bounced off the wedding. Maybe they would have continued to create common well-being abroad if not for the growing longing for home. “I missed everything: the Lithuanian landscape, the weather, the language, and most of all, the Lithuanian seaside. Christmas Day 2013 became fateful - when we went home, we decided to start a family there. I do not regret this decision - we are happy to return and find our place. Here we can create and delight others with our work, ”smiles R. Germanienė, who is based in Kretinga with her family.

Business ideas lost

Rugilė says that somewhere in her subconscious, the thought of contributing to her father's work has always plagued her. She drew attention to the ever-emerging jewelry business. They also noticed that young girls also want to wear amber jewelry, but often do not find what they like. After returning to Lithuania, he suggested expanding his father's activities to a family business. Marius was also involved in this field. He got acquainted with the shapes, colors and processing methods of amber for several months. Now, after several years of work, he is happy with his wife’s idea and the knowledge he has taken over from his mother-in-law.

True, at first the Germans only processed amber and sent it to other masters. Rugilė, with the help of her father or husband, made only one other piece of jewelry for herself. When relatives, friends, and even strangers, after paying attention to her wearable amber accessories, began to ask for something similar to be created for them, it became a sign for the girl to devote herself to creativity.

To the taste of every woman

In search of exclusivity, the family decided to make jewelry only from natural Baltic amber, not to use any pressed products. They wanted it to be a unique accessory for women of all ages and lovers of any style that would be easy to match to both a festive and everyday image.

The family seems to have succeeded in realizing their vision. Amby's amber products are adorned by cherishers of nationality, mature women who like elegant style, and modern girls who want to stand out. It is united not only by the desire to have unique handmade accessories, but also to touch what nature created millions of years ago, which was valued and cherished by our ancestors.

"Together with my husband, we continue the journey of natural amber started by my father to the homes of modern people. We are glad that those who discovered Amby keep coming back to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of amber jewelry, which we create in our fantasies every day, and later in the workshop, ”Rugilė concludes the warm conversation.


Amber amulets

In ancient times, the magical powers of amber were believed. It is believed that it helps to clear the mind, promotes positive thinking, removes negative energy - thoughts, anxiety, fears. Amber is said to be especially suitable for creative personalities because it provides inspiration. It also promotes tenderness, altruism, self-confidence.

Amber is considered a mascot of love that can attract the object of its admiration to the owner.

Ancient Lithuanians made amulets from amber, associating its name with the word "defend" and believed that it protected against insults, diseases and disasters.

In ancient Greece, giving amber meant wishing happiness.

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