How to combine jewelry?

How to combine jewelry?

Girls and women who want to look stylish often face the question of how to combine jewelry. Here are some simple rules to keep in mind and always look stylish.

First of all, it is important to think about how much and what kind of jewelry you want to wear. Stylists usually do not recommend wearing more than three different pieces of jewelry unless you are preparing for a special occasion and have jewelry from one collection. Two or three pieces of jewelry are enough for everyday life, which can sometimes be from more than one set.

For solemn occasions, it is customary to wear earrings and to wear a pendant or necklace and to wear a bracelet. In this case, we recommend choosing these jewelry either from one collection or at least combining colors. For example, choose a set of black amber jewelry that you will combine with a one-color fabric dress or other clothing ensemble. Sometimes to such a combination together wear and ring with a hole of the same color. By choosing all the jewelry from one range of shades, you will look stylish.

If the occasion isn’t there and you just want to look more ornate, complete your image with refined details, you can play with the colors of the jewelry a little more. Of course you should not dress too much everyday, choose a style of jewelry that will suit you. When decorating with amber, choose contrasting or complementary shades. Luxurious white amber is especially highlighted by black, while yellow or red amber is especially suitable for white. This by no means means that you have to wear this color from head to toe. If you are planning to wear a yellow necklace - choose a white blouse next to them, and it is not necessary to combine pants or a skirt.

Another important thing is the shape of the jewelry. Here again, you can play by adding or subtracting. The soft fabric and round, delicate necklace fit automatically, but even at a tighter angle, an asymmetrically cut necklace can look great on lightweight fabrics. Meanwhile, faceted earrings or necklaces next to a rough leather jacket will soften the austere image.

Never forget - less is more. If you have already made a set of four or five pieces of jewelry - evaluate whether you do not look too eclectic and, if necessary, remove a few pieces of jewelry.

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