Succinic acid

Succinic acid

In these times of striving to live in a sustainable environment, it is important to use every particle that nature gives us. It is no secret that the processing of amber produces a crystalline powder. This amber powder is completely harmless and has many beneficial properties if properly cleaned. Natural Baltic amber has the highest concentration of succinic acid. The acid, in its unprocessed form, comes into contact with the skin. We can see perfectly on the non-shiny amber (it gradually wears out a thin shiny layer). The amber crystals formed over millions of years have retained many of the sun’s energy and healing properties.

Succinic acid has primarily analgesic (analgesic) properties.

How does succinic acid benefit man?

When succinic acid enters the body, it gives an alarm signal that there is a lack of oxygen or nutrients somewhere, so the processes of cell renewal and recycling of substances begin to work faster. It is a safe way to easily stimulate the body to activate the most important processes. Succinic acid can be absorbed by the human body through the skin in small doses. This is the case when wearing natural, unprocessed amber jewelry. Let’s not forget that accessories are now being made where a child has teeth, special bracelets, pillows and even mattress pads for those suffering from radiculitis or other pain. Due to the heat and moisture, when amber is close to the skin, succinic acid is released from the bark of natural amber. The healing effect of amber is gentle and stable without harming the body.

Is it possible to drink / use succinic acid inside?

Yes, it is possible, but you have to be sure that it is natural Baltic amber. Succinic acid tablets or powders can be used in pharmacies for a stronger effect. Succinic acid along with vitamin C has long been a drug used to relieve hangovers. However, even if you do not drink alcohol, you can use succinic acid. It can help you feel better, especially if the body has inflammatory processes. Succinic acid supplements can help if you feel tired, distracted, forgetful. Succinic acid can be used as an antioxidant that is very effective for the body. It is an effective and safe remedy that has a rejuvenating and balancing effect.

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