How to choose jewelry for everyday?

How to choose jewelry for everyday?

Many people express themselves in everyday life through clothing and its details. Jewelry is an important component of clothing that can reveal your hobbies, sense of aesthetics, general mood. People who look stylish automatically look more attractive to us, while those who are in agreement, disorderly, are repulsive. So how do you choose jewelry for everyday use to make you look confident, elegant, or maybe playful?

First, evaluate where you will be visiting. Are you a student, a business representative, a member of a music band, or maybe a doctor. If you are still studying or working in the field of art and you do not have to follow strict protocols - you can combine jewelry in various ways. Bright colors, massive products, and maybe just modest ones - everything you will match with the mood of the day will suit you. If there are a lot of costumed business representatives in your environment - you will have to choose more modest jewelry, they should not stand out too much.

There are two simple rules for choosing jewelry to be accepted by the majority of the public. First: choose a contrasting color. This means if you are dressing dark, choose light jewelry, and if you are dressing light, choose darker, brighter ones. Then the jewelry will perform its essential function - you will decorate and be an exclusive detail.

The second rule is the weight of the fabric and the weight of the jewelry. Lighter fabrics will look nicer on heavier jewelry, while lighter fabrics will look nicer, but can be adorned with more jewelry (such as a few rows of light necklaces) to maintain balance.

And how to dress if, for example. your blouse is extremely variegated, but something seems to be missing? Then choose earrings, bracelets, rings, but do not wear a necklace. Meanwhile, a pendant or necklace next to a solid color blouse is just asking for begging. If you don’t trust your taste - know that less is more. Sometimes an interesting earring and ring is enough, and sometimes you want to be adorned with a full set of amber earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring.

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