How to choose jewelry for an exclusive occasion?

How to choose jewelry for an exclusive occasion?

Waiting for a birthday, anniversary, company party is a real pleasure. We often buy new clothes and shoes for such occasions, but sometimes we forget about accessories. Jewelry is an important piece of clothing that completes the whole ensemble. So how do you choose jewelry for an exclusive occasion?

First of all, evaluate the occasion - whether it is a gathering of friends and family, or maybe you will attend a celebration with the dress code indicated in the invitation. Then review your wardrobe, try on a few clothing options to make you feel beautiful and confident. Then it's time for jewelry. Below are some ideas on how to dress beautifully with Amby amber jewelry, but they will also fit in a combination of other jewelry.

How to dress if the occasion is formal, solemn, but at the festivities you are just a guest - choose a classic image. A bright solid color dress and more modest jewelry will create an elegant image. For occasions with a special dress code, one-color sets are very suitable - for example, white amber earrings and a short necklace with round beads. Or a black jewelry set consisting of an earring, a necklace and a bracelet.

You can experiment more with celebrating with family and friends. By choosing a romantic image, you can boldly adorn a few rows of light necklaces that will look beautiful next to light blouses with a V-neckline. And if you are an original soul - feel free to choose massive amber necklaces, at least a few bracelets of different colors, exclusive earrings.

You can choose exclusive jewelry for work parties - massive rings, large necklaces, bracelets of interesting colors. After all, you don't want to talk to your colleagues about the work during the party, so interesting jewelry and the good qualities of amber are one of the interesting topics.

Wear a critical look at yourself in the mirror - whether all the details fit in or the image is complete - maybe there is a lack of more interesting piercings, or maybe a pendant would be more suitable instead of a necklace. Your personal style is also important, so trust yourself!

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