About Amby

Hello all, my name is Karolina and I‘m one of Amby jewelry founders. I want to tell you more how our jewelry is created, how I chose this road of amber.

From early childhood I was surrounded of amber. In 1995 my father started to work and sell amber. With his golden hands he produced a variety of jewelry, sent treated amber to other manufacturers, told me about the good qualities of amber. So I myself, being a little crumble then, started helping my dad. I liked the colors, shapes, I played with necklaces. I was always inspired by the enthusiasm of my father, his encouragement to experiment and play. In my fantasies I was the royal queen, princess Snow White and many other characters. And my wealth my chests were filled with various amber.

However, the childhood ended, science, studies and the opportunities to leave parents’ home appeared. So, like many young-adults of that generation, I tried happiness abroad. In 2010, along with then my future husband, I went to London. After the wedding, that took place in 2013, I’ve got a very strong longing for home. I have missed everything: Lithuanian landscape, weather, language and the most Lithuanian seaside. December 24th of that year became decisive - we returned to Lithuania and decided to create a family here. I do not regret this decision - we came back and found our place, we are the happiest ones, because we can design and create beauty.

Somewhere in my subconscious mind I've always been eager to contribute more to my father's work. I saw how different jewelers work. Saw that young girls want jewelry with amber but they often do not find what they want. We talked and discussed a lot in our family. I also included my husband Marius in this area. We spent a lot of wonderful moments when he became acquainted with amber shapes, colors, unique reliefs and ways of working. We decided that this small family business will have exceptional qualities: unique jewelry for every woman, only natural Baltic amber (no pressed products).

At the very beginning, we only worked on amber and handed pre-made pieces to other masters. Up to now, we have maintained friendly relations with those masters who value the quality and uniqueness of natural amber.

But me, like every woman, I wanted to dress-up with what's best for me and makes me beautiful. So, together with my dad or husband, we made one or another piece of jewelry. I loved wearing them, taking pictures and uploading photos to Facebook. Friends and relatives started praising those little creations and asked also for them to produce unique jewelry. So Amby was born - a site where products are made with lots of love and creators' warmth. Me and my husband appreciate and continue the journey of natural amber, started by my father. We create jewelry to the homes of modern and original people. We are glad that people who find Amby come back, because they like the uniqueness and beauty of amber. And we create those pieces every day in our fantasies and dreams.

Amber is life to us. It gives us millions of year’s accumulated energy. And amber jewelry is a particle of that energy that you can carry with you every day.